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The International Keyboard
Key Translator is an editor designed to produce international letters from a standard English/American keyboard. There are two standards for showing special characters/letters on the web; The ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) system and the Unicode system. As there is only 255 characters in the ASCII system, many scripts are not supported such as Japanese, Arabic and Cyrilic. The Unicode system codes on the other hand extend from 0 to 65,535. Approximately 40,000 codes are reserved so there is still a lot of room to fill. With these benefits in mind, The Key Translator is using the Unicode system when such coding is preferred. KT is one of very few (if any) editors on the web that produces international characters from letter codes and virtual keys (letter buttons) and is therefore unique in its kind.
How it works
There are two text areas in the Key Translator; one to enter text, the editor, and one where the result with letters from the chosen language will appear (The chosen language is indicated with white text on dark red/black background with a line underneath it. It is located in the language toolbar above the editor). There are two options to enter special characters in the editor (the text area to the left). One can either enter a letter code to later produce the desired character after you are finished writing, for example AE will generate in German, Swedish and Finnish and c1 will generate . You can also press a button displayed as a key with the desired letter located above the editor. On the key, you can also see the fast letter code in red text. When you are done writing, press the result button (if English would be a language option the result button would say 'IN ENGLISH') and the text with the characters from the chosen language will appear in the text area to the right. Simply highlight the text or click in the result text area and use Edit -> Select all in the browser menu (shortcut CTRL+A), copy the content (Edit -> Copy or CTRL+C) and paste it where you would like it (Edit -> Paste or CTRL+V).
It is important to know that there are letter combinations that on rare occations don't procuce the desired outcome. For instance, the car maker name SAAB would in the Swedish editor generate SB. You should always double check the results to make sure that your text turned out exactly the way you wanted it.
Useful tool for International Travellers
KT is unique on the web and is clearly speeding up the writing of international letters on a regular English/American keyboard. It can for instance be used by international students, business travellers, backpackers and families on vacation. The Key Translator is currently available in ten important languages widely used on all continents.
We hope you enjoy this unique tool and recommend it to colleagues, friends and family. We would appreciate your feedback on how we can improve the features of the site using the Contact form. We appreciate your visit and welcome you back.
Perfect for laptops
The Key Translator is a useful tool on all computers, especially on laptops. On ordinary desktop computers, special characters can be produced by entering a universal code, for example Alt-165 for . This system, however, has some substantial disadvantages. It takes a longer time to type the Alt+number combinations and the user needs to remember the codes by heart or constantly search for them. In addition, this option is not readily available on laptop computers, which are constantly growing in numbers as prices are dropping. Laptops surpassed desktop sales for the first time in 2005. By 2011, IDC (International Data Corporation) expects laptops to represent 66 percent of corporate purchases, with 71 percent of consumers opting for a laptop instead of a regular desktop computer. In order to produce special characters on a laptop, the user needs to be fairly computer savvy or have clearly over above average computer skills. The obvious option that remains for laptop users is to copy and paste the characters from wherever they can find them on the web which is a lengthy and often tiering process. KT is also offering codes and key buttons for commonly used letters that can be produced on many keyboards in the world. Such letters include , , and and corresponding combinations on letters a, i, o and u. This saves even more time as these letters often require use of the Alt-key, can be confusing to generate and are located differently on keyboards around the globe.
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